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About Vi-projektet/The Way Forward

The Way Forward

About the video clip

In the video clip ”The Way Forward” Elia, Ubah and Tess – three former project participants – tell us about their way forward.

How to turn on subtitles

To turn on English subtitles, press the small gear icon that appears in the lower right corner when you hover over the video. Then choose "Subtitles" and English in the menu.

About Vi-projektet

Vi-projektet (English: Project We) aims to make it easier for people aged 15–24 years, who don’t study or work, to find their own way forward in life.

The project offers different courses and activities that can be a step on the path to school, to better health or to an employment. The way forward can of course look vary from participant to participant. The role of the staff is not to choose the path. The focus is set on collaboration with the project participants, and to learn how to make the navigation between potential obstacles a little bit easier.

Collaboration and co-creation are two main pillars in the project. The collaboration within and between the partner organisations (for example municipalities and education organisers) is also vital to reach the goals of the project. The project staff learn from each others experiences and find their organisations’ way forward – together.

Project partners

The project is owned by the Region Västra Götaland Folk High Schools, and is co-financed by the European Social Fund.

19 municipalities, the municipal associations in Fyrbodal and Borås/Sjuhärad, five folk high schools, the adult education in Borås, Trollhättan och Vänersborg, Save the Children Sweden, Regionservice, Region Västra Götaland, University West and Uppsala University are project partners.


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